Hailing out of Oakland California, Cultural Warfare is made up of four seasoned musicians with one common goal. Mass Destruction to every venue they step foot in! Former Taunted members Vocalist Jacques Serrano and Bassist Pete Aguilar join forces with Cultural Warfare alum Guitarist Billy Garoutte and Drummer Kevin Doughty to form the heaviest lineup of CW to date. With all four members having long standing roots in the Bay Area back to the golden age of Thrash Metal, Cultural Warfare understands as well as anyone, the rich history and lineage that bands like Metallica, Exodus, Death Angel, Testament, Forbidden, and Vio-lence started in the 80's. With that said, the band has forged a unique sound that combines heavy blistering guitar riffs, thundering bass, precise cutting drums, and ear piercing vocal textures that splices the past with present with their latest offering, Future Kill EP. The band is determined and focused on not only writing and creating earth shattering Metal, but also being known as one of the best live bands around! Prepare yourself Warheads, the Future Kill is upon you!!!

The Band


Billy Garoutte

Rhythm/Lead Guitars


Pete Aguilar

Bass Guitar


Jacques Serrano



Kevin Doughty