Live/Tour Dates

Live Dates

February 24 @ The Ritz  San Jose, CA with (Hatriot and Angerhead)

March 8 @ The Slide Bar Fullerton, CA with (Warbringer and Witchaven

March 10 @ Toots Tavern Crockett, CA with (Potential Threat, Angerhead, Hand of Fire, and Sinicle)

March 26 @ The Brick by Brick San Diego, CA with (Warbringer, Witchaven, Battlefront, Warpath)

April 29 @ Cafe Colonial Sacramento, CA with (Niviane, Blessed Curse, The New Plague)

May 13 @ MUMMERS Sparks, NV with (Kut-Pile, From the Ruins, and Weight of Tide)